Loan refinancing and consolidation

Single monthly payment for all your loans!

SD Conseils is specialized in the acquisition and consolidation of existing loans, leases and credit cards.
Simply indicate your current commitments, and consolidate all your installments in a single monthly payment – fixed and much more advantageous than paying several creditors each month.

Main advantages of loan consolidation

Decrease your interest rate
No application fees
Single financial partner
Simplify your commitments with single payment

Settle all your credit card debts!

We will settle all your CC debts
examples: Visa, Mastercard, Cornèr, Viseca, Swisscard, UBS, MyOne, etc.
You will have all CCs cleared for future purchases
Repayment term is up to 72 months

In addition to the advantageous refinancing of your loan and credit card debts, you will the simplify management of your finances with a single monthly payment.

Calculate monthly installment

Calculate the details of your cash loan online and receive the money in 7 days.
Loans from CHF 5,000 to CHF 250,000 with the interest rate from 6.9%.
Without any obligation, free of charge!

Read how TOP Credits works in your favor

Vous remplissez en 5 minutes votre demande en ligne

Vous êtes contacté de suite pour une solution

Vous nous transmettez les documents demandés

Vous recevez votre solution de financement

Vous encaissez l’argent dans les 7 jours

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Quelle que soit votre situation, n’hésitez plus et faites maintenant votre demande en ligne, vous serez contacté le jour-même.

Vos avantages en bref

Montant finançable : 5’000 à 250’000 CHF
Taux d’acceptation élevé des dossiers
Durée flexible du crédit : 6 à 72 mois
Réponse de principe immédiate
Réponse définitive en 24 heures
Versement : 7 jours après signature du contrat
Aucun frais de dossier

With our experience and network of financial partners, we negotiate the best loan rates on the Swiss market, providing our customers with the ability to finance all their projects, while enjoying a competitive and affordable pricing.

max 250000 CHF

Cash amount

Apply online

Complete the online application form and you will be contacted immediately.


from 6.90%

Interest rate

Final reply

Let our experts find the best solution for your request – with guaranteed same day offer.


max 72 months

Flexible loan term