• Augmentation en cours de crédit

    OUI, contactez-nous pour une augmentation du montant

  • Réduire la durée du contrat

    OUI! Vous pouvez, si vous le désirez, payer de temps en temps une mensualité supérieure

  • Rembourser d’un coup à la date de votre choix

    OUI, Demandez-nous la facture finale, avec une réduction conséquente des frais

  • Suspendre le remboursement

    OUI, En nous informant à l’avance, nous acceptons en général de stopper les mensualités 1 ou 2 mois

Flexible Loan Payout

We know your budget is constantly changing

Whatever the initial duration for repayment, we know your budget and financial projects are expected to change in years to come. We offer various possibilities with our loan agreements to pay in advance, with a reduction in fees and interest that were planned at the signing of the contract.

With TOP Credits as a partner, you pay the interest only on the actually used in real life! Conversely, if you want to reduce monthly payments during the contract, which just “skip a month or two” – contact us, we will respond positively in the majority of cases.

With our experience and network of financial partners, we negotiate the best interest rates on the Swiss market – providing our customers the ability to finance all their projects, while enjoying a competitive and affordable pricing scheme.